No Bang

Posted 21 January, 2010 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans, Writers Write 2 Comments

I am backing out of  the Original Fiction Big Bang. I would love to do it, but I have so much on my plate at the moment and some projects I NEED to finish. It’s not that it would be a waste of time, just that I need to spend the time I would put into poring over 20,000 words and put it toward other things. I have goals I’ve set for this year and I’m stressing myself out, trying to do everything that comes up. Rather, I need to pick things that are going to give me opportunities and things that are going to push my writing forward, both in skill/quality and exposure.

I’m not all that upset about it. I didn’t know, really, what I was going to write on. It just sounded like a good idea. And since I already have an original fiction project I need to be working on, it’s not like I’m abandoning anything. I feel good about it and feel a little less anxious removing that from my projects list.

I had a good talk with one of my writer friends yesterday. She is the second person to tell me that I should definitely un-fanfic my NaNo piece and try to turn it into a novel.

“Really?” I said. “I was thinking about never looking at it, ever again.”

“Well you are wrong,” she said, “to think that.”

So, maybe. I don’t know. It’s still unfinished and I’m really uninspired and unmotivated to finish it. I haven’t even planned out the ending. It would be totally easy to push out a few chapters and finish it off. I just can’t seem to get to it.

I’m considering writing a short story to enter into the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers Contest. 3000 words or fewer, due at the end of February, to be posted in the Glimmer Train publication in April. That’s more my speed, and I’m currently aiming at getting something published, even if it’s someplace small. Considering I’ve never read the publication, I’m not sure if my writing is skilled enough to be printed but I won’t know until I try, no?

I’ve totally lost my oomph for my writing prompt for the Author Culture  Spin the Wheel contest. Entries aren’t due till Feb 12th, though, so… if I just buckle down and write something I could get something out. I just do not have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, read everything I want to read, keep up on what my peers are doing and show support, write everything I want to write and still have a life.  I don’t like rushing through this process. Something has got to give.

Ugh. It is 6:45. Morning seems to be the only time I can get any time to blog anymore. I really wish my writing made money and I could do it full time! Till then,

Hi ho, hi ho,

2 Responses to “No Bang”

  1. During the last four years, when I’ve really been serious about my writing, the song that keeps playing in my head is Kenny Rodgers’ “The Gambler.” You know- know when to walk away, know when to run. Sometimes we just have to say no. I took a novel writing class last semester in order to get started on book #2. What did I learn? That what I thought was book number 2, isn’t going to be book number 2. I had a great semester, but I won’t be going back to that project any time soon.

    I’m hoping to enter the Glimmertrain contest too. Here’s to hoping we both get something submitted!

    • Yeah it sucks to have to drop something but I’m at the point where I want to be more serious and try to push myself forward. i want a Book Number One! Lol!

      High hopes for both of us!