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More fanfiction updates. WEEEE! This story is coming along, albeit slowly. Ch 43 is up at my archive and also the NFiction archive. The title of the chapter (You Are the Words, I Am the Tune) will have Neil Diamond replaying through my brain for about a week Can’t you just hear Neil singing?

Song she sang to me
Song she brang to me
Words that rang in me
Rhyme that sprang from me
Warmed the night
And what was right
Became me

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me

Last week, I had some “genius” idea to incorporate a drving game into my next chapter. Mainly because my characters are on a road trip and there’s really no way to make driving interesting. It’s 99% dialog. What do people talk about, on road trips? Stuff. Stupid stuff. And they play car games to pass the time.

If you’ve ever seen the show Whose Line Is It Anyway (American remake of the British version), you’ve seen this game in action. It’s call Song Titles and you basically have to have a conversation ONLY in song titles. It’s HILARIOUS. Both on TV and in my story. I thought it turned out well. And it took up some story real estate. It also provided a point to keep coming back to. Past the actual game, my male main character would shout out song titles where appropriate in later conversations.

This is one of the most amazing things about writing… I’ve never said I’m writing a classic, here. I mean, it’s fan fiction, a glorified celebrity fantasy and so in and of itself not realistic or anything. But it’s my practice, and I really enjoy it. My favorite part of writing is when I am type type typing away and something just… happens. It’s like my fingers know the story and I am just watching it play out.

At some point in my recount of a day in San Antonio, I decided my male MC needed sunglasses. He’s a cheapskate’s cheapskate, though. A bit of a miser in that he doesn’t really spend money unnecessarily. He wants the shades. They’re great shades. Female MC wants him to get them, to treat himself. He won’t do it. She buys them for him and gives them to him, rather casually and unceremoniously- such is the nature of their relationship. He looks down at them, and…. this comes out of nowhere, from my fingers to the page, asks,

“Guess what song I’m thinking of right now?”

I rolled by eyes and turned on my heel, headed toward the food vendors. “No.”

“Come on,” he whined, following me. “It was your game. Your idea. Guess.”

“I already know, cheese ball.”

“Say it.”


“Say it!”

I turned around, pulled the shades off of his face and hung them back on his shirt. “Sunglasses at Night. And I’m never playing games with you ever again.”

I didn’t plan that. It just happened. I love that, when the story writes itself.

Ahh. Amazing.

I’ve got to get to work on Ch 44. The home stretch. Not the last chapter, but the last roadtrip chapter. It’s been such a fun journey. Then I have to plan “Christmas”…. believe it or not, we’re still climbing to the climax. Gonna be INTERESTING. And I have an emotional, sweet, passionate ending in mind. Can’t wait!

Till then… pen in hand,

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