My impatience is showing

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So, I’m reading “Perfect” the 3rd in the Pretty Little Liars series. And it’s pretty good, for being written for an audience way younger than I. There are 8 books in this series and each book is jam packed with details that very slow unravel a helluva backstory.

I find, though, that while I’m interested in what’s happening… I just want to know how it ends. I’m just not sure my attention span can hang on for 8 books. I just want to know who A is and who killed Ali and what’s up with all the secrets? I’m not all that concerned about Emily’s budding lesbianism or Aria’s dad and his mistress or Hanna’s relationship with her dad or her best friend who has serious clinging issues. Not being able to answer the question that has been lingering since book ONE is making me anxious, for some reason. I normally read the end of a book first, and maybe this ‘not knowing’ is just a new thing but.. argh! *bites nails*

So… baby did a bad thing. I started looking for spoilers of each book. And I found MOST of what I’m looking for. And while I’m still kind of confused, I can relax. I know, I’m weird, but now I can read the rest of the books at my leisure and know what clues I’m looking for.

I also did a little bit of writing today. About 400 words into Ch 58. Doing a lot of research on Greece, since that’s what this chapter focuses on, their trip to Greece. Not only is there a lot of scenery to read about and try to make real, but there will be a couple of important conversations. I was hoping to be done in 60 chapters. We’ll see.

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