Kicking off 2010 right…

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I recently updated my Writers Write page to indicate the current projects I am working on.  One of them is something  I started last year but I simply wasn’t ready to jump into an original longform piece. SO I kept writing and kept it around and since 2009 was such a good writing year, I decided to make this piece my project for the year. By the end of 2010, I want to have a completed original longform piece. Novel, I guess.

So today I dug out the few thousand words I wrote before I shelved it and have already begun rewriting and reshaping it. I believe I have a good start for my rough draft. I need to put it somewhere so I can stop messing with it and move on to new territory– Chapter 2. Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn.

I’m doing something I never do on this blog and posting a WIP (Work in Progress). Just ’cause. *shrug*

Title: Tentative Caged Bird Singing
Genre: Fiction, possibly YA
Synopsis: Rachelle is one of eight children, but has never been one to blend in. She’s always been a rebel, doing things her own way, including pushing forward with her dream to sing despite her parents wishes.

Summary: Rachelle Nixon is a superstar: rich, famous, talented, world renowned– in her mind. She has a dream, and that is to sing. She has an obstacle– two of them– and those are her parents. Rachelle feels stuck, trapped by her family and held down by her responsibility to them, caged by her parent’s expectations of her. What she wants most is take the chance of a lifetime and sing her heart out– instead she’s working at a record store and playing mommy to five younger siblings while her parents work to keep the family afloat. When Rachelle’s chance comes, she jumps at it, though the odds are stacked against her. She’s “discovered” by a slick, smooth talking manager with a lot of big names under his belt and high powered connections who claims he can her into pop stardom. Overnight, Rachelle is living the life she’s always wanted to live, believing at first that it’s her dream come true. Slowly– and way too late– Rachelle learns that that the music business isn’t much about music, and no one comes out the way they went in.

Phase: Writing:
Status: Incomplete
Linky: Ch1- CBS

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    • Still working on it. I haven’t finished it yet. I’ve hit a little bit of a wall on it but I’m hoping to finish in January and then let it sit for awhile and start taking it apart. Still a WIP, though!