GYWO: October- In which I am not even going to bother

Posted 30 October, 2010 by DLWhite in WIPs, Writers Write 1 Comment

I wrote like, half a chapter and put the WIP away. I’m in another ‘my writing sucks and I don’t feel like improving it’ cycle. Took a break until November, and will try to pick it up again.

I’m also officially not doing NaNo. I don’t have any story ideas anyway. :( Boo. Where is my brain? I read some of my old stuff and I can’t even believe I wrote some of it. I feel like I couldn’t do the same today.


One Response to “GYWO: October- In which I am not even going to bother”

  1. l-dawg

    I’m so sad that you’re taking a break from writing! I think you are a wonderful writer and the way that you capture emotions is amazing. I always feel like I’m in the story watching everything unfold. I hope you decide to continue writing, or else the world is losing a great writer. Hope you have a refreshing break from writing and decide to come back full force!