Guess you had to be there…

Posted 2 March, 2010 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Last night, I got busy… on my writing. I intended to update chapter 41 over the weekend. I had it allll planned out. Of course, because I had it planned out, life got in the way.

In my head, I had what I thought was a bit of cute, witty, but story line revealing banter between my main characters. I took notes on Friday, because I knew I couldn’t get to it until after the weekend. I was looking forward to writing it, because I could just hear it in my ear, on the tip of my tongue, and laughed every time I thought of it.

So then I sat down to write it. And uh…………it kind of fell flat. Awwww.

Good news is that I think it can be revived with some editing CPR but first I need to pick up the chapter where I left off and write it through and THEN go back and edit. That’s going against my usual habit of write, edit, edit again, write, edit, edit again, throw the laptop against the wall. Trying to remove that last part, so removing some of the edits and the edit agains.

Hoping I’ll get at it tonight, but we’ll see! Next month, when I still have nothing published, I’ll kick myself for these ‘I don’t feel like writing’ nights.

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