Got an itch I need to scratch…

Posted 23 April, 2010 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans, Writers Read, Writers Write 2 Comments

I feel like I haven’t written anything new in a long time. Probably because it’s true. I’m not talking novel length. Something short. A writing exercise. Or something. I’ve still only got that one story published, but THANK YOU to that benefactor that sent me the hugelongawesome list of places to submit my work!

Now all I have to do is write something!

I’ve been following Courtney Reese for a couple of weeks now (uhm fellow Criminal Minds fan, HELLO match made in heaven)  and she posted a GINOURMOUS list of blogfests going on… basically where someone issues a challenge to write along a specific topic and then submit their entry. Fun, and it makes people write. I may join one. Or several.

For example, the new writer’s blog Critique_This_WIP has a FlirtFest going on, where the task is to write a flirt scene. How FUN. I don’t have a firm idea right now, but I’m sort of inspired by Pride & Prejudice (it’s about time to watch that movie again) and the scene between Darcy and Eizabeth Bennet, where they are dancing, though Darcy proclaims to not dance, and they’re having a particularly high brow yet very flirtatious exchange. They just don’t realize that they’re flirting.

I have completed a very loose outline of the remaining story in All I Wanna Do. I am encouraged by the fact that I know how it ends. I’m not writing into oblivion. I am trying to think of places where I could skip story– it just doesn’t seem to work. The end is very climactic and everything that’s been talked about in the story thus far is important to the emotion of the ending. I want to be lazy, but I also want the ending to make an impact. So I have to write. SIGH. And I cant just write ‘okay this happened and then that happened’ and have a bunch of lame flashbacks. Unfortunately. It’s not a novel but I like it to read like one. That means I take my time crafting the story. And that means I have to be inspired and motivated and ~feel~ like writing because when I don’t, I end up trashing it and then it’s a waste of time.

Normally, my reading inspires me to write…. it just hasn’t been. I’m smack in the middle of A Reliable Wife. It’s alright. It doesn’t inspire me much but I am trying to plow through it. I may be tempted to buy it on Kindle, just so I don’t have to drag the book with me everywhere I go and I can read it in those off moments I so often have.

Also, remember my search for an active writing community of people that aren’t from the UK? FOUND.  I stumbled onto the Writer’s Digest community. It’s totally active and awesome and there’s so much there that I haven’t had the chance to dig into it much but it is my next stop after I publish this entry!

Which I am doing NOW, because I am cold and I need some tea. And I need to get away from these donuts.

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  1. I stumbled here from Writer’s Digest… Your diary tickled me, and like you, I also forget how old I am. I blame children. All four of them.