Getting My Words Out- March Edition

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Weeeeeeeeee, end of the month! It’s that time again!

I’ve had a few people ask me why I count my words. Well, the answer is— because.

No, seriously. To me, it’s something that keeps me writing. It keeps a goal in my head to shoot for. I don’t say ‘I have to write 1900 words today’ and then set out to write that number of words. I just write. And then count the words. It’s interesting to see the numbers I come up with at the end of each month. I can then gauge if I am slacking off or being an overachiever or doing okay.

Anyone that knows me or my writing knows I don’t have issues with word count. I am verbose. Quite. LOL. My goal with this challenge was to do more, shorter projects. And to get myself into a habit of blogging regularly. I’ve tried to update here once a week at least and I try to blog over the The Diary 3 times a week. I count those posts because it is writing that I am doing on purpose. I don’t count my press releases and other work writing because it’s part of my job.

So how did I do?

Total Year to Date Count : 99,190

March Goal: 34,000

March Total: 34,434— I beat Feb’s number by just a few words!

I am 33% of the way toward my goal of 300,000 words…. though, I’d better check because I thought I saw my name under 350K on the Get Your Words Out Site. Which would put me behind.

Anyway, I am right on track, or fairly head actually. I expected to pass 25% this month and I did that, so yay.

As for how I am going to keep this momementum, I’d love to start something new. I just haven’t been inspired much and my mind is still pretty consumed with my long form piece. I put my NaNo aside because it’s driving me nuts that I can’t finish it, but I can’t finish it. Once I finish the long form, I’ll pick it up again. I guess. Or just leave it. I don’t know. It seems to have fizzled.

I could probably write another 100K ords of my longform (seriously) and that leaves about 100K or so for a NaNo 2010 and another big project, about 50K words. So, something to plan for. I also hope to keep entering pieces for publication and sharing my work via Al Gore’s Internets.

Blah blah blah, all about me and more words,

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