Get Your Words Out, May!

Posted 1 June, 2010 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans, Writers Write 0 Comments

Wow, what a good month! I totally kicked myself in the booty over my low April number. I’ve been letting myself get distracted and disinterested in writing, feeling a little down and ‘untalented’ about it. A chat with a friend put me back in the place where I wrote because I loved doing it, not because of people’s reactions, feedback and reviews. The Blogfests helped too, to get me into the writing mood, even though I didn’t even use one of the pieces I wrote and I didn’t do all 3 that I signed up for. It just goes to show that every little bit helps– I even upped my blogging game, finally trying to let go of the feeling of showing up nekkid to gym class. You know that feeling, thinking everyone is looking at you, seeing your worst qualities, picking on your flaws.

Anyway, my numbers this month turned out pretty well– 39,400 words for the month. Total of 163,926. I am officially OVER halfway to my 300,000 goal. Amazing. Now for sure if I do NaNo this year that will put me over 300K, but I’m not sure I’m doing NaNo. I guess we will see once October comes and we’ll see if I have any ideas.

Til then, onward! I’m still ‘just writing’ and trying to plow through my storyline. Pen in hand,

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