Fin. (Pre-editing, of course)

Posted 6 September, 2010 by DLWhite in WIPs, Writers Write 5 Comments

Needs to be edited, finessed a bit, but I actually finished Same Time Next Week.

I’m in shock.

It’ll actually end up being 21 chapters on the archive because one chapter is over 10K words and the archive holds, at most, ~10K words at a time, so ch 19 will end up being split. I mean, I started this story Nov 1, 2009. It only took me almost a year to finish it. I hope it’s not lame and doesn’t seem like I just wanted to get it done… everything I wanted to accomplish with it, I did. Wrapped up my loose ends and made sure each character came full circle and solved all my conflicts and my ending is happy.

And I am happy.

Woo. I need a drank. Hopefully will be up later. I’m in a hurry to mark it complete but I at least want to read through them both to make sure I didn’t type poop instead of pool. (A real mistake I caught. Yowzers). I don’t want to correct too much because then I lose the passion. Just mechanics. That’s what I am telling myself, anyway!


5 Responses to “Fin. (Pre-editing, of course)”

  1. Almost a year?

    I was just pondering this week whether I would finish Going Home in under 2. BTW, the official start date on that was 3/17/09 so I’m going to cut it close.

    • I just checked and it ended up being 123,918 words. Not too bad. A little over twice as long as it needed to be, lol. And in 21 chapters.

    • It’s fanfiction, so there isn’t much I can do with it. It’s just been in the WIP column for so long. It’s nice to have finished it.