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I am committing myself to a couple of BlogFests, basically to get myself writing new material and to get away from the habit of writing fan-fiction and the same story, over and over. I often want to write something new but I can’t get my usual characters out of my brain and the piece devolves into the same old thing I’ve written before. I want to keep improving and expanding what I can write and to be able to shoot something out without it turning into 53 chapters.

A couple of fests that I’ve signed up for (more to be added):

May 1st- 50 Followers Baking Blogfest, hosted by Charity Bradford

Write a scene where your MC bakes something, anything, good, bad, yummy, burned, anything. Have fun with it, and post it on your blog on May 1st. Bake in space, for a first date, as a cave man/woman, I don’t care. Find a way to incorporate a cooking scene into your wip.

★ May 16th- Flirt Fest Blogfest, hosted by Critique_This_WIP

On Sunday, May 16, 2010 post your favorite flirty scene, either from one of your WIPs, or a brand new one you’ve written just for this blogfest. It can range anywhere from sweet to hot, and any genre is fair game…you don’t have to be a romance writer to participate!

★ May 18th- The “Let’s Talk” Blogfest, hosted by Roni Griffin

On Tuesday May 18, post a short excerpt on your blog of your most sparkly dialogue scene (no, I’m not talking about Edward Cullen).  It can be anything dialogue-heavy–a laid-back chat, an all out argument, a flirty conversation, two friends ribbing each other–whatever.  The options are endless.

Still looking through the list… basically if an idea doesn’t come to me as I am reading the description, I am skipping it. I can’t really ‘make’ myself do these things. I have to be inspired. So far, I am inspired! I’ve already written my Flirt Fest entry and it is being read and critiqued. I’ll continue to edit and perfect until I have to post it.

I’ll try to get to the 50 followers Baking Fest this week. I will be flying to NC for work this week so perhaps I’ll have some time on the plane. If not, I’ll be at a hotel. Wednesday night and flight time Thursday as well to write and have people read it. It’ll probably be fan fic, since I sort of had a scene in mind along that route anyway and I might use it later.

For the Lets Talk Fest, my idea is pretty vague at the moment but I might have something already written that I could submit. I’m pretty good at dialogue so I think that one will be a fun project that won’t make me want to toss the laptop across the room.

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  1. I also come from the fanfic world! I wrote/write Early Edition, Quantum Leap and Friday Night Lights, with one Emergency! fic tossed in for good measure.

    What fandoms do you write? In my heart, I’ll always love fanfic. I love getting more of my favorite characters and the freedom that fanfic allows to put them where they’d never go in the show/book/movie.

    However, I’ve now been writing this original stuff for over a year, and getting used to creating my own characters. My WIP is a brand new story, with no fanfic history at all. My completed novel was originally a fanfic that I’ve re-worked into original. In the re-working, I think I did make my characters different from the fanfic ones, and the story itself is nothing that could have ever been on the show. It’s way too dark for that.

  2. HEY! *wave* I write strictly music fanfic (*NSYNC…*cough*shrug*) it’s easy because your audience already knows the characters… hard because you still have to build the world and the other characters to interact. It’s always been right on the edge of fanfic, to where I could insert a random character and it would still make sense, so I have been trying to make the leap from fanfic to original this year. It’s hard, after writing the same person for so long.

    I’d love to try some CriminalMinds/CSI type stuff but… I’ve seen some badly written material. Sort of tells me that it’s very difficult so I’m not all that brave about it yet.

    Thanks for stopping by!