Another Chapter down the hatch!

Posted 14 March, 2010 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Chapter 41 is complete and up at the Archive. It was a pretty simple chapter to write, and some things actually surprised me by coming out while I was writing it.  Most importantly, I got something that I can build on for future chapters. Know what that’s called? PLOT! WOOP!

I’m having an issue with another story in that I am horribly stuck but I want to finish the story so badly. I’m unable to go back and figure out what’s not working, though. It’s just…boring and I can’t figure out how to extend it or rewrite it or… SIGH. It’s been sitting for quite some time. It’s actually my 2009 NaNo piece. I’d sure love to call that thing done before NaNo 2010 starts. :|

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