2011 Goals- Reading and Writing Challenges

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I’m a recent faithful reader over at FictionGroupie, and Roni posted a great list today of her 2011 goals, which reminded me that I might want to set some for myself.


As everyone is already well aware, I’ve re-upped for Get Your Words Out, 2011. I’ve challenged myself to 350K words for the year. No small feat but I’m not really afraid of it. Either I’ll make it or I won’t, but I’m not trying to fail. Of those 350K words, I need to set some mini goals as to what I plan to do with those words:

A. Finish All I Wanna Do. I was hoping for only 60 chapters but it may stretch to 61 o 62.

B. Write more short stories. We all know that short and succinct is a challenge for me.

C. Get back to my original fiction piece. Maybe I will write chapter 2 next year?

D. Write a big bang- 20,000 words on a subject. GYWO will be running this.


I’ve been a busy little reader lately. I’ve discovered the world of eBooks which has made it easier and more convenient to read. I’ve never done an official reading challenge, so I’m going to join Roni here:

and here….

I read eBooks almost exclusively, so an eBook challenge should be no problem. I think I should also challenge myself to buy physical books at least once  a month. That’s probably a more difficult challenge. As for book reading, I’d like to set my goal at 50. I never counted before, but I’m guessing I’ve read about a book a month in 2010, give or take a month. I also want to REVIEW them, which is a challenge for me as well.


I’m trying to be better about being more descriptive as to the process of writing. What are my goals, what am I thinking about, what am I planning. And when a chapter/story is done, what I thought of it. What were my strong/weak points, what I could improve on. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a pretty hard nut to crack about myself. I’m not in anyway deluded that I’m an “excellent” writer. In my humble opinion, I could use some work.

So I’ll be getting down to it in 2011.

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