Monthly Archives: September 2010

Update: Orange is the New Black and writing

Last night I finally finished Orange is the New Black,  by Piper Kerman. I don’t typically read non fiction but the subject matter really interested me after I saw her appearance on the Today show. I downloaded the book right away to my Kindle app and have been slowly reading it. For some reason, prison stories really interest and mesmerize me. I’m always fascinated by the odd feeling of ‘home’ that inmates admit to after awhile and how innovative they can be in their efforts to make daily life bearable. There was no shortage of  such ingenuity in this book as Piper takes the reader through her journey as a […]

Fin. (Pre-editing, of course)

Needs to be edited, finessed a bit, but I actually finished Same Time Next Week. I’m in shock. It’ll actually end up being 21 chapters on the archive because one chapter is over 10K words and the archive holds, at most, ~10K words at a time, so ch 19 will end up being split. I mean, I started this story Nov 1, 2009. It only took me almost a year to finish it. I hope it’s not lame and doesn’t seem like I just wanted to get it done… everything I wanted to accomplish with it, I did. Wrapped up my loose ends and made sure each character came full […]