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I am committing myself to a couple of BlogFests, basically to get myself writing new material and to get away from the habit of writing fan-fiction and the same story, over and over. I often want to write something new but I can’t get my usual characters out of my brain and the piece devolves into the same old thing I’ve written before. I want to keep improving and expanding what I can write and to be able to shoot something out without it turning into 53 chapters.

A couple of fests that I’ve signed up for (more to be added):

May 1st- 50 Followers Baking Blogfest, hosted by Charity Bradford

Write a scene where your MC bakes something, anything, good, bad, yummy, burned, anything. Have fun with it, and post it on your blog on May 1st. Bake in space, for a first date, as a cave man/woman, I don’t care. Find a way to incorporate a cooking scene into your wip.

★ May 16th- Flirt Fest Blogfest, hosted by Critique_This_WIP

On Sunday, May 16, 2010 post your favorite flirty scene, either from one of your WIPs, or a brand new one you’ve written just for this blogfest. It can range anywhere from sweet to hot, and any genre is fair game…you don’t have to be a romance writer to participate!

★ May 18th- The “Let’s Talk” Blogfest, hosted by Roni Griffin

On Tuesday May 18, post a short excerpt on your blog of your most sparkly dialogue scene (no, I’m not talking about Edward Cullen).  It can be anything dialogue-heavy–a laid-back chat, an all out argument, a flirty conversation, two friends ribbing each other–whatever.  The options are endless.

Still looking through the list… basically if an idea doesn’t come to me as I am reading the description, I am skipping it. I can’t really ‘make’ myself do these things. I have to be inspired. So far, I am inspired! I’ve already written my Flirt Fest entry and it is being read and critiqued. I’ll continue to edit and perfect until I have to post it.

I’ll try to get to the 50 followers Baking Fest this week. I will be flying to NC for work this week so perhaps I’ll have some time on the plane. If not, I’ll be at a hotel. Wednesday night and flight time Thursday as well to write and have people read it. It’ll probably be fan fic, since I sort of had a scene in mind along that route anyway and I might use it later.

For the Lets Talk Fest, my idea is pretty vague at the moment but I might have something already written that I could submit. I’m pretty good at dialogue so I think that one will be a fun project that won’t make me want to toss the laptop across the room.

Got an itch I need to scratch…

I feel like I haven’t written anything new in a long time. Probably because it’s true. I’m not talking novel length. Something short. A writing exercise. Or something. I’ve still only got that one story published, but THANK YOU to that benefactor that sent me the hugelongawesome list of places to submit my work! Now all I have to do is write something! I’ve been following Courtney Reese for a couple of weeks now (uhm fellow Criminal Minds fan, HELLO match made in heaven)  and she posted a GINOURMOUS list of blogfests going on… basically where someone issues a challenge to write along a specific topic and then submit their entry. Fun, […]

Curvy Jones on: Dipping A Toe Into The Pool

Curvy Jones on: Dipping A Toe Into The Pool

More fanfiction updates. WEEEE! This story is coming along, albeit slowly. Ch 43 is up at my archive and also the NFiction archive. The title of the chapter (You Are the Words, I Am the Tune) will have Neil Diamond replaying through my brain for about a week Can’t you just hear Neil singing? Song she sang to me Song she brang to me Words that rang in me Rhyme that sprang from me Warmed the night And what was right Became me You are the sun I am the moon You are the words I am the tune Play me Last week, I had some “genius” idea to incorporate […]

New books! A Reliable Wife & The Girl She Used To Be

New books! A Reliable Wife & The Girl She Used To Be

Last week I was craving the feel of an actual book in my hands. For more than a year, I’ve been reading books via the Kindle App on my iPod Touch. It’s a great way to carry my Reading and To Be Read libraries around with me. I find opportunities to read at the oddest times and the oddest places. It’s nice to not have to dig a book out of my purse. Sometimes though, I just want to hold a book in my hands. I love the smell of a new book, a spine that hasn’t been cracked, pages that almost feather and the printing dust that flies out […]

Build My World by Rebecca Miller [Review]

Build My World by Rebecca Miller [Review]

This is the first book I read by Rebecca Miller, though I have to admit I read it because she was a friend first. I had no idea she wrote until she plainly said, “I write.” And then I was curious. I love to read, so I read.

Perhaps it is the stigma of writers who self publish, but my expectations for this book were relatively low. I mainly wanted to read it because a friend wrote it. I ended up loving it and being impressed that someone could write a full novel that held my attention through the end, and then publish it. And then sell copies!

No, seriously.

I know how to fix Same Time Next Week. I need to back the story up.  I’ve solved my problem too early and I’ve run out of enough conflict to keep the story running. So, I need to add more ‘story’…. I always get into trouble when I get lazy and try to skip story… and bring both conflicts in the story to a more reasonable conclusion. And I need to bring my main characters back to a certain point, which will be significant to the story. Amazing. Uhm. I have no idea when I am going to dig into it and fix it. But. Yes.