The NaNo Report, Week Two

Posted 16 November, 2009 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Sorry I am a little late updating, this week. I’m. so. tired. I spent last week uhm…. writing. My brain is a fog and my fingers are burning. I decided to take a couple of days off from NaNo’ing so yesterday and today I am just chillin’.

Over the weekend I crossed over the 50,000 word mark., First, YAY. Second, Okay, but I still have a ginourmous amount of desert to cross because my story isn’t finished. And Im getting tired. And my writing is getting lazy and uninteresting and I am burning out.

Hence, a break for a few days. Not too long, or I won’t go back to it. I do want to finish it.

And then never look at it again, HAHAHAHA. I’m so not kidding.

Actually I am, but GAH. I see why people think NaNoWriMo is so hard.

I think the plot is coming along, okay. Now that I have a good chunk of it in, I need to make sure I am keeping copious notes on what I say and how I explain things. Little details keep contradicting themselves and later I think ‘Oh NO, back in Ch 3 I said the shoes were GREEN and then in CH 10 I referenced BLUE shoes, CRAP!’.

Guh. Well. Month half over. Gotta finish gotta finish gotta finish. Back at it tomorrah.

Ciao, good friends. Anyone else on the NaNo Train?

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