The NaNo Report, Week Three!

Posted 23 November, 2009 by DLWhite in Writers Write 2 Comments


Good heavens, aren’t I done with this thing, yet? NOPE!

So last week was a slow week. I didn’t really write much all week, mostly because I was burnt. out. from the first 50K words. I’m now over 70,00 and I swear to heaven, just over halfway done. URGH.

I realized, this morning, that the end of Nano is approaching. Like SCREAMING at me– next MONDAY! I basically have 7 days to write my story climax and touching ending. Which doesn’t sound hard but YOU DON’T HAVE TO WRITE IT!

And so now I’m calm. I realized this week that I was having a hard time moving on in the story because my story was missing some story. I made an attempt to jump some time but it didn’t really work. I just had a large chunk of time in which I allude to things happening but they don’t actually happen and it was awkward and didn’t work. I spent the weekend writing what I should have written, and still have a bit to write before I can skip to the end of what I’ve already written and continue the story.

And hopefully finish by Monday. Please pray for my fingers.


2 Responses to “The NaNo Report, Week Three!”

    • Going Home is going to be fantastically wonderful when it’s done! I can’t wait to read it!

      We both know what takes up the word count in my stories, lol. ;)

      If I really really wanted to flesh it out, novel style (which I think I will do after I am done w/ the fanfiction version) it would probably end up around 100K. I’m trying to stop saying ‘that doesn’t mean it’s good’, but… ya know. It’s sort of like ‘just because you sing LOUD doesn’t mean you sing WELL’.

      I do think it’s good, though. I might be biased.