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I feel… excited. Anticipating something great…

I keep a separate blog, a personal blog away from this one because I want this one to be specifically about my writing, focusing on it, keeping it in my face with pinpoint precision. On my personal blog, I don’t have too much excitement about the New Year. It’s coming, whether I get excited about it or not. That’s not to say I’m forlorn or depressed, I just didn’t really create a lot of things to be excited about in the next year. That might change in January but… I’ve become more  seat-of-the-pants in other aspects of my life, not just my writing. We’ll just see what happens.

This blog, though… SIGH (that’s a good sigh). I feel like 2010 is just going to be a great writing year for me. And I’m trying hard not to lose that oomph! and enthusiasm, because I need it. I waste so much time during the year feeling down and avoiding writing because I don’t feel like it, or because I think it sucks or it’s boring and not enough time just dang writing. Get it on paper, edit it later. Or not. Just write! These are the things I yell at myself while I’m watching the fourth straight hour of TV, staring at the Word icon, thinking I should open it.

Open Open Open. In 2010, Word should be like 7-11. Never closed. Open 24×7. Stocked with yummy hotdogs and slurpees and chips and soda…. wait… not those last ones. But that would be COOL.

I’ve committed to writing 300,000 words in 2010. I have…..NOT ONE CLUE what I’m writing, except for trying to finish my original fiction piece and the two fanfiction pieces I have going. I certainly don’t have 300K words worth planned. So I guess I had better get to opening my mind to possibilities.

I’d also like to challenge myself to writing shorter, quick dash pieces. Not long and drawn out novel length. I remember a time when I tried to write more substance and less dialogue. Now I think I’ve got a great balance in my writing. Now I need to work on… really… not describing the sunset. Only I care about the sunset. Unless the sunset is part of the plot or the story arc, no one cares about the goshdarn sunset!

I’ve been looking back on some of the things I wrote last year around this time … my first pieces. The ones I was so nervous about that I deleted and had to repost. Which, at the time, I thought were brilliant. So very good. Couldn’t get any better. Capitol stuff! And a year later, I cringe. Really? Did I write that? Oh boy. It ended that way? Yikes.

Sometimes I am tempted to take them down (I’ve been threatened if I ever do such a thing, fortunately, and I like all my limbs and my friends), because they’re so amateur. Rather, though I think I wear them like a badge. Yeah I am sure to let people know that they were my first stories and my writing did get better as time went on but… I kind of really:heart: them a lot. A year later I do feel like I’m much better… but then reading other people’s work, I feel like I have so much further to go. And then I try not to read other people’s work, but it’s hard to have tunnel vision and think your work is just the best, ever when it isn’t. When it can always improve and can always be better, read better, be shorter, be longer, more succinct… I think writers are gluttons for punishment. ‘Tell me what you hate, so I can fix it or defend it. Tell me what I can work on!” I don’t know a writer that doesn’t smile politely at the cheerleading but really deeply yearn for the concrit.

So anyway… wasn’t I trying to keep things brief? Eh… Tomorrow.  :-)

The main points?

  • Less is more.
  • Write, write, for the love of God, write.
  • Don’t just write. Write well.
  • Have fun.

Let’s do this!

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