Lessons people should learn from me:

Posted 30 July, 2009 by DLWhite in Writers Write 6 Comments

Well, actually just one lesson.

Do not open a document in Outlook email, work on it, add 2000 words to it and then save it and go to bed.

It will not be there when you wake up in the morning and want to look at it, with fresh eyes. No, no it won’t. You will be devastated and stare at the computer, mouth agape, for the better part of an hour while desperately typing phrases like ‘recover documents vista’ into google, hoping for  a miracle. You won’t find one. And so you’ll have to spend your Wednesday night sulking while you muster up some energy to RETYPE whatever you typed the night before.

But you won’t feel like it, because what you typed last night was brilliant and inspired. What you’re retyping is so much cud, just regurgitated from memory. Your mojo will be gone and you’ll have to do something to bring it back.

But somewhere around 11:30, your mojo, your writing fu will laze it’s way in and leisurely hang up the keys and slip off it’s jacket and untie it’s shoes and at some point get around to giving you some motivation and inspiration.

And at 1:07 am, you’ll find yourself back in the spot you were in the night before. And you will feel awesome about it- but you’ll also learn your lesson and choose to SAVE AS and save it in two different places and email it to yourself. You know, just to be sure.

Just so you know, that’s what’s going to happen. So do not follow my lead or my example. Do it the right way, download it and save it and then edit it.

Cause if you don’t…….well WHO KNOWS what will happen?


6 Responses to “Lessons people should learn from me:”

    • It’s comparable… it’s prob what I would have ended up with after an edit, and needs further editing… it’s only a few thousand words.

  1. Meg

    I’m so sorry! Losing a document ranks as one The Most Frustrating Things In The World. And it never seems to happen with stupid, inconsequential things — just Really Important and Life-Altering Things.

    (Do you like my caps in here? It makes me feel like I’m proclaiming something very important!)

    • The caps are fantastic! They really lend an importance to the term!

      Yeah, while I was digging through the temp files like a maniac, I saw all sorts of things I never want to look at again. My 2100 words of beautiful prose that I wanted to look at more than anything? On the wind!

      I’m just lucky I talk everything out before I write it down. I had it pretty much in my brain but EGAD, I am VERY lazy and I didn’t want to rewrite it.