It’s officially SUMMER. \o/

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… when I hear this song.

Will Smith, Summertime

Here it is the groove slightly transformed,  just a bit of a break from the norm. Just a little somethin to break the monotony…

Every year at the beginning of June, radio stations start BLASTING this song. There is nothing like cruising (or crawling) down the road with your windows or top down, your arms hanging over the side of the car, this song blaring from the speakers. Get a little head bob, a nod and a grin at the car next to you.. Ahhhhhh. SUMMER.

Summer is my season. I just… love it. Anywhere, as long as it’s sunny. I live in the South and summer in Atlanta means HEAT. Last summer was a SCORCHER, temps over 105. I… I kind of liked it? Sort of? Yeah I know I’m crazy.

Summer also traditionally marks three long months of doing nothing, followed by fall, when I look back on my summer and go “man, I didn’t do anything all summer.” Well. Not this summer.

I run a little private support site for women and this year we’re Summering with Purpose. Making a list, checking it twice— wait, wrong season- anyhow, we’re planning to DO stuff. Stuff we always meant to do but never did. That list of things we said we’d do over the summer, for the last X years and never do. Cleaning the garage. Building things. Destroying things. Painting things. Making things. Going places. Reading books. Writing stuff. We’re doing it.

I’m also running a Summer of Reading and Summer of Writing challenge. I think reading and writing are the best things people can do for themselves to keep the mind sharp and logic skills intact.  I graduated from college in 1996, and I swear that every year I feel like I lose some IQ points. I feel like reading puts them back.

And writing, of course, is like breathing some days, but if I go days and days without breathing I will, most likely, die. I go days and days without writing and yet expect to keep the desire and inspiration alive. It doens’t come naturally or easy to me. Words don’t just flow– it’s just something I have to.

So with a pen and pad I compose this rhyme, To hit you and get you equipped for the summer time…


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