Going crazy, wanna come?

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Yeah. I’m about to lose my mind up in here, up in here.

I’m setting my literary goals for 2010, and thinking back to 2009. I started the year off with a goal to simply write, and write more. I had really started to get back to it in 2008, late in the year, after a long, decades long, really long break from it. 2009 was the Year of Writing for me, a year of putting my goals in my face and working hard at it. I set a goal for myself to write 200,000 words (or more). I stopped counting the words after 300,000. That doesn’t mean every word of that was good, but I wrote them and that’s saying a lot!

I’m pretty proud of my 2009 as a writer. Even if I tried to write something original and didn’t quite get out of the starting gate. Even if I wrote mostly Fanfiction. Even if my loyal reader count hovers around 10, maybe 20, I wrote. I wrote a lot. I wrote things with meaning, I wrote things that people liked, and I liked. I wrote things that made people laugh. I wrote things that made people cry, that made people hate my characters and love my characters and become intimately involved in the story line. And,

I don’t know if anyone else has ever set this goal, but I wanted to break some barriers with my writing, get rid of hangups, specifically around writing highly emotional and highly passionate scenes.  I’m talking ’bout sex, baby.  (the local radio station has been playing the stuffing out of Salt & Pepa, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’. They must know something….)

Some writers are really comfortable writing sex. Some… aren’t but are really good at the ‘fade to black’ sex scene, and then picking it back up the next day. I wanted to be able to freely write a passionate, intimate scene but not have the scene be purely about sex– there’s a communication and an unspoken bond that is formed when two become one. To describe it in words and have people understand my meaning is a hard fought battle (mostly with myself) that I continue to fight. I often tell people that writing sex doesn’t turn me on anymore than being in a sex scene in a movie turns on an actor. It’s very mechanical and technical. I review and review and read erotica (for inspiration–right) and write and rewrite and work it and then ask someone ‘does this make sense?’ and then rewrite based on their answer. By the time the sex scene hits the chapter, it’s not sexy to me at all.

That’s why it’s such a wonder to have readers that give excellent feedback. When I write, I know what I intended. And when I read it, I read that. But someone else, looking at it for the first time, who is able to convey back to me what I intended them to read, and then expound on it and see things I never even meant to say? That’s been a really great blessing to have, so  I want to thank everyone who has ever read anything I’ve ever written, and given me feedback, help, suggestions, pointers… I appreciate all of them, because looking back at things I wrote in January 2009, I can definitely see the difference in my writing style.  And its for the better! YAY.

I also wrote a long form piece in 2009, which I am still editing and trying to even get to a point where I can rewrite it in 2010.  It was my first NaNoWriMo, and it was a smashing success, from my perspective. I’ll definitely be doing it again. So uhm… I need to finish my 2009 piece before I get there! It will definitely be a year of revision for me, as I want to get to a point where I am not writing ‘stories’ , little vignettes that are laced together and eventually meet at a single ending point, but ‘novels’, one creature with one main ending point and perhaps 2 o 3 different plot lines that all meet at the same juncture.  And while I am a ‘writer’ I am not quite an ‘author’. I definitely want to move toward that in 2010.

Once again, I am taking part in Get Your Words Out, an annual challenge about writing.  Just… writing. You set a goal for yourself and WRITE. They have several different levels of achievement, from 100,000 words up to 300,000+.  I estimate that I’ve written about 300,000 + words this year, but likely ONLY because of NaNoWriMo. I challenged myself to another 300K for 2010 and I’d like to meet or beat that. As wordy as I am– you see how long this blog post is???– that should be no problem.

More than anything, I want to keep growing. I want to keep writing. I want to write well, I want to write better, I want to inspire others to write. There are certainly people in my life that I read because they inspire me. I would love it if I did the same for someone else.

I can’t wait for the New Year to begin… another Year of Writing!

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