Change is good, right?

Posted 6 June, 2009 by DLWhite in Random 4 Comments

Lately, I can’t handle Firefox. I mean, I love the browser. I pretty much live in Firefox and if I have to use a site that only uses IE, I throw myself on the ground and scream and kick and cry. Seriously. You should see them stare at work.

So lately I can’t get it to work!  It’s crashing on me just about hourly and I get NO information as to WHY. I’ll just be typing or surfing and POP! goes my browser. And it’s very annoying! I’m doing serious work here! Okay not really, playing with plug-ins for WordPress but still.

So I’m trying out Chrome. Again. I’m remembering when it first came out that it used to freeze up on me a lot and there is no google toolbar which–HI, google. Miss M here. Why do you not have your most popular add-on available for your browser? I don’t fully understand!

Anyway. I miss twitterfox and the google toolbar already, but I did find twitlet and some weird way to create a bookmark that will let you do a google search. For that matter, could I not just bring up No, no. Links, shawty. Links!

It’s sort of not the same. *sigh*

But “The Bourne Identity” is on. \o/

4 Responses to “Change is good, right?”

  1. If you do get your Firefox up and running again, definitely try out the IEtab add-on. You’ll never ever have to use Internet Explorer again! You can always toggle a page manually from Firefox to “IE” and back, but you can also set some pages or domains (, for example) to always load using the IE tab. It’s really a wonderful little extension.

    That said, I just recently switched (partially) to Google Chrome. I miss the add-ons and themes and it doesn’t play nice with all sites, but it is very fast and I may have bogged down my Firefox with too many goodies (might need to do some weeding there), so the difference in speed is even more dramatic.

    • I have that add-on, it was one of the ones I had to turn off to see if it helped– it didn’t. It’s a lifesaver but certain sites like ADP Payroll and quick books online don’t like that one so I have to use IE. I tried it again, after I pretty much shut off everything and reloaded Firefox and it crashed on me. Frustrating… I think it’s a common problem.

      • Ugh. I don’t have those applications or use those sites, so I can’t really advise, but there may be some help in the forums, either Firefox’s or maybe the add-on’s. Best of luck! The first thing I wanted after using G-Chrome was a nicer skin/theme. I’m so superficial!

  2. Meg

    LOL! I totally know what you mean… doing “serious” work and then, suddenly, the browser quits. Infinitely frustrating! I only have IE at work and have gotten used to it… and I actually like the tabs feature I have there better than the tabs I have on Firefox. I don’t know why! They collate differently or something! haha. Since I’m on a computer eight hours a day at work, these silly things can either make me crazy angry or very happy :)