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On Pins & Needles!

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I feel… excited. Anticipating something great…

I keep a separate blog, a personal blog away from this one because I want this one to be specifically about my writing, focusing on it, keeping it in my face with pinpoint precision. On my personal blog, I don’t have too much excitement about the New Year. It’s coming, whether I get excited about it or not. That’s not to say I’m forlorn or depressed, I just didn’t really create a lot of things to be excited about in the next year. That might change in January but… I’ve become more  seat-of-the-pants in other aspects of my life, not just my writing. We’ll just see what happens.

This blog, though… SIGH (that’s a good sigh). I feel like 2010 is just going to be a great writing year for me. And I’m trying hard not to lose that oomph! and enthusiasm, because I need it. I waste so much time during the year feeling down and avoiding writing because I don’t feel like it, or because I think it sucks or it’s boring and not enough time just dang writing. Get it on paper, edit it later. Or not. Just write! These are the things I yell at myself while I’m watching the fourth straight hour of TV, staring at the Word icon, thinking I should open it.

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Get Re-Excited about Being a Writer! [repost]

I’ve been thinking, and thinking a lot about the New Year as a writer, and reading lots of great advice on how to approach and achieve my goals. I found this through the #writing chat on twitter, and thought I would share!  Hopefully it will help someone else, it’s definitely given me some things to think about. Source: Beneath The Cover Get Re-Excited about Being a Writer! By Susan Goodsell – Dec 28 , 2009 New Year’s Resolutions—Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you simply cannot escape them! Personally, January 1st has always given me a thrill. I get a sort of “back-to-school” feeling and enjoy the whole mentality that, “The holidays are over, so let’s crack open a new notebook, sharpen a new #2 pencil, and get to work!” That said, after many years of disappointment over unrealized and unrealistic resolutions (you know the ones: This year I will go to the gym every day/never raise my voice/take a trip around the world/double my salary/touch nary a chocolate chip cookie/etc.) I’ve grown a bit older and wiser and have tempered my resolution enthusiasm with a bit of reality. For 2010, my writer friends, I am NOT encouraging you to resolve to: 1. Write three novels (as yet unstarted). 2. Write six hours every single day (in addition to your full-time job). 3. Be a syndicated columnist by March (with a column that has not yet been printed anywhere). Nor am I encouraging you to follow the path of several of my more cynical friends to, “Resolve not to make any resolutions.” Rather, I’d like to suggest you get re-excited about being a writer! Sit quietly for a moment and let that concept settle around you. Do you feel a little tingle inside? “Getting re-excited” is my theme for 2010 in my BNI business, my writing career, and my personal life. What a great concept! With the doom and gloom in the economy, real estate market, and in the small business community, […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Writers & Bloggers [repost]

Just found this excellent post that I’m planning to put to good use in 2010. Thought I’d share it! It’s from Year Zero Writers As writers and creators of content, more and more we’re finding it necessary to turn to the Internet to showcase our work. While we cannot be in several places at the same time, it’s possible for our material to exist in numerous corners of the Internet, all at once. In an age where Literary Agents and Publishers are holding back on marketing their authors’ books we simply have to turn to each other to propel our material to different audiences, something one person can’t possibly do on their own. This is where you come in. Make a new year’s resolutions to help promote your writer colleagues fromyour little corner of our huge office we call the web.

Going crazy, wanna come?

Going crazy, wanna come?

Yeah. I’m about to lose my mind up in here, up in here. I’m setting my literary goals for 2010, and thinking back to 2009. I started the year off with a goal to simply write, and write more. I had really started to get back to it in 2008, late in the year, after a long, decades long, really long break from it. 2009 was the Year of Writing for me, a year of putting my goals in my face and working hard at it. I set a goal for myself to write 200,000 words (or more). I stopped counting the words after 300,000. That doesn’t mean every word of that was good, but I wrote them and that’s saying a lot! I’m pretty proud of my 2009 as a writer. Even if I tried to write something original and didn’t quite get out of the starting gate. Even if I wrote mostly Fanfiction. Even if my loyal reader count hovers around 10, maybe 20, I wrote. I wrote a lot. I wrote things with meaning, I wrote things that people liked, and I liked. I wrote things that made people laugh. I wrote things that made people cry, that made people hate my characters and love my characters and become intimately involved in the story line. And,