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On a horse with no name…

Posted 5 August, 2009 by DLWhite in Writers Write 6 Comments

I had about 5 options for naming this post… a few witty, some blatantly honest. I didn’t know which one to go with so I chose none of them. That’s kind of how things go in my life. If I can’t decide, I choose NONE of the options.  Don’t know what I want for lunch? I just don’t eat. Don’t know what color pens I want to buy? I buy none of them. I don’t think the word moderation or compromise have entries in my dictionary.

So, I’m having a problem. My problem is two fold– too much and not enough. How is that possible, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

As I was explaining to a friend earlier, I keep pretty busy. I may not seem busy and I may even tell you that I am boring and I do nothing but in reality I run two moderately trafficked message boards. I read and I write and and I try to keep up with twitter and blogs and facebook. I try to stay abreast important events, just in case I am asked to be on Jeopardy. I try to get out of the house every now and again, leave the county, see friends, go to brunch. I travel when I can, and recently I’ve been decorating my apartment.  That’s a lot of stuff, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Staying on top of everything and keeping a finger in each pot seems to keep me going.

But then I have so much going on that I’m overwhelmed and I feel like dropping everything and going back to being a bump on a log, picking lint out of my belly button and wishing for something to do. I get tired of staying on top of everything and being the focal point of everything. I have this blog I’d like to stay current with, and I am not. I have reading that I am SO BEHIND on, haven’t made time to dig into any books. I have two WIP’s that are, literally, going nowhere.

Every weekend I intend to recharge and get caught up on these mini tasks that grow into lots of mini tasks and become a mega task. And every weekend I end up doing…….something…..and the weekend is over and it’s Sunday night and I look at my task list and *shrug* .

Tired. I’m too tired to even dictate to myself what I am going to do and by when I am going to do it. At this point I am just hoping that when the mood strikes I will be awake enough to romance either one of myWIP’s and make me fall in love with it again because uh…………baby, the thrill is gone.

(Temporarily) Lost that lovin’ feelin’,