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Stephen King- On Writing [Review]

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On Writing On Writing by Stephen King My goodreads review
rating: 4 of 5 stars
I picked up this book on a whim from Amazon, while searching for some books on Writing. It comes pretty highly recommended from those who have read it. I have to admit I really only read 1/3 of it but I will read the rest.

The first third is basically King’s autobiography– events in his life that have made him who he is. I enjoyed the first ten pages but I am a ‘get tot the point’ kind of girl, so I skipped to the second part, which was most enjoyable.

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Mini- mission accomplished

Thanks to my awesome betareader-friend-person who isn’t afraid to say ‘is that supposed to be there?‘, and my awesome cheerleader- friend-person, another chapter has been completed. I have no idea how many chapters are left and that might be a problem. Story planning isn’t my thing. I tell it until it’s done being told. Perhaps more organization on the next one? I am, annoyingly, highly critical of myself. I always think it’s boring, I always think it needs more, I always find a typo, or think I should have said something else or something better or omitted a word or added a scene. It’s nerve wracking. Why do I keep doing this, again? Oh. Because I want to improve. I’m off to read Stephen King, On Writing, who says ‘if you’re a bad writer, there’s no hope of becoming a good one and if you’re a good writer, and want to become great, fuggedaboutit.’ I’m not sure if I believe that… I’ve also read that writing is easy, anyone can do it. It’s editing and revising that creates the story. Interesting juxtapositions. To me, anyway. O/T I have a fly in my bedroom and it’s driving me INSANE!